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Quiet Relaxing Day

October 7th, 2012 at 05:18 pm

Not too much to report here. It was almost a NSD until I needed to get $10 for DD. She got a check from my mom for $20 and she needed me to cash it for her. She owes me some money so she only got $10 of it. But unfortunately you can't get $10 at the atm so we went to Food Lion and purchased a kit kat bar and got $10 back. We are now back home and I am watching a football game. Love my football. Falcons won this week making them 5-0 for the first time in their history. Georgia lost miserably to South Carolina.

My mom gave me the money today to get my mortgage caught up. She was worried that she only has 3 checks left. I suggested that I just go to the bank and take out the money but she didn't want to do that in case some of my siblings(brother) looked into her finances she didn't want them thinking that I did this without her authorization. It is sad that when she dies there is going to be a fight with my brother. My parents have provided him with a place to live on I think 3 acres and he still wants more. My mom has some land to sell and he thinks that she should give it to him. I just can't believe how ungrateful he is.

Anyway...Since I made a mortgage payment yesterday I only owe one past due. So I will use the rest of the money to cover the health insurance for DD since my child support will be a day late due to the holiday tomorrow. I will then transfer the money back to the rental checking. It will all work out.

I resisted the urge to go to Taco Bell for dinner. Instead I came home and ate a PB&J.

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