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October Numbers

October 1st, 2012 at 10:13 am

Salary - 1960
Child Support - 679.
sale of stove - 400
Transfer from Saving - 200.00

Total Income: 3239


Tumbling for DD - 55
Student Loan - 323.28
Amy - 83.83
Fuel 252.75
Eating Out : 142.33
Entertainment - 17.99
Groceries - 363.4
Car Insurance - 247.87
medical - 898.01
Cell Phone - 28.53*
Utilities: 188.71
personal loan - 200.00
loan from MIL - 100.00
transfer to savings: 85.30

Total Expenses: 3239

* There was a credit issued on my account bringing the payment down.

1 Responses to “October Numbers”

  1. snafu Says:

    Good job posting numbers to keep you on track. When you review September numbers which categories were overages and under target sum? I'm concerned that rather than 'paying yourself 1st' and keeping savings growing, you are withdrawing $ 200. from savings to balance spending in spite of an overpayment on Cell phone a/c leaving only $ 28.53 balance.

    You've proved you can avoid eating out knowing it costs nearly double and while it gives momentary pleasure it causes long term problems, adds incredible amounts of fat and sodium to cause future medical problems.

    How many people regularly eat meals with you? Are you stocking up for Thanksgiving/ Christmas extras or super bargains at the grocery as $506. is high in our high food cost area. How do you plan meals? It can be fun to challenge yourself to create nutritious meals that meet WW guidelines & offer success on two levels [weight loss & $$]. Now that you have a large jar of peanut butter, how many different items will you make to use it? Have a quick view of the 'Jif' site on-line for soups, side dishes, chicken, pork, salmon, shrimp, sauces, breakfast bars and so much more.

    Would it help to only go grocery shopping with a list you've decided to stick to - no extras...and when you are not hungry? The stores work hard to persuade you to buy more than you planned. You're too smart to fall for their clever marketing!

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