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No Pending Transactions

September 6th, 2012 at 08:17 am

Usually I have between 3-4 pending transactions in my checking account. But right now there is nothing pending. Could be because there is only $6 in my account so I haven't been able to get anything. Good thing I don't need anything.

I got an inquiry about the wood burning stove that I have on craigslist. Hopefully they will come through. I haven't heard from the guy about the clarinet. I am tempted to email him and tell him I'll take $25 off the price. I really need to sell it. Selling the wood stove would just be great too! Not only would it get it out of my living room but the money would not go to waste!

My dentist called me this morning. They went ahead and verified my insurance information. It seems that the insurance won't pay them directly. The check would be cut to me. So that means that I would have to pay for the visit when I am there. Since I don't have an extra $204 I had to cancel my appointment. This is something that I will need to save up for.

No Eating Out: 5/5
NSD: 3/5

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