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Today is Payday

July 27th, 2012 at 08:17 am

And most of it is already gone. Pretty Sad actually. But at least the bills are paid. I have $175 left in my account after everything is paid. Lets hope I can grow some willpower and leave it alone.

I have $200 budgeted for the grocery store. I am going to try to come in under $100. Shouldn't be too hard...just buying what we need. We are going to try to eat what we have on hand. That will take some planning but I think we can do it. We actually have a ton of food on hand.

One of the suggestions I got yesterday was to open an internet savings account. That was a good idea. I opened an account with Ally and put $50 in it. I have set up my direct deposit to have $50 from each paycheck put in it. I mean if I could spend that much on eating out than i should be able to save that amount as well.

Weigh in last night was terrible. I gained two pounds. I really need to get my motivation back. I have been struggling with that lately.

Hopefully the tenants will be served today or tomorrow. They have seven days from the date of service to respond. And on the eighth day I can put them out. Just hoping that they leave in the seven days. Really don't want to have to remove them.

5 Responses to “Today is Payday”

  1. snafu Says:

    Good on you, several baby steps in the right direction. We're all here ready to cheer you on and want those dead beats out PDQ.

    What's the plan to get new, rent paying tenants? Write the ad, be ready. Should there be a mess...what's the plan? Can you hire a couple of high school-ers, give them each a pair of gardening gloves, a box of heavy duty outdoor trash bags, a couple of spray bottles of home made Febreeze and get the job done!

    With a menu plan to use the foods in your fridge, pantry and freezer, and determination to eat from home you can stay out of the store and get triple benefits by meeting your target at the next WW weigh-in, better health and have money to transfer to your newly minted internet savings a/c.

  2. NJDebbie Says:

    NGG, I'm hoping the tenants will leave your house soon! I joined WW on Monday so if you want we can motivate each other to continue taking steps on becoming healthy. Let me know; we can email each other if you feel comfortable with that.

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    That's great news about the Ally savings account! Way to go. Smile

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    NGG, I sent you an email!

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Have you written up a meal plan based on what foods you have on hand? I tend to do mine on the weekend when I have a bit more time. It really is more helpful than you can imagine to actually write it down. And once you have, you should post it. From personal experience, I know that helps an awful lot with accountability to yourself. Also once you have written down what you are going to make, it is easier to fill in the gaps in your menu with your grocery trip, than to go shopping blind.

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