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Mom is in the hospital

November 15th, 2011 at 09:50 am

She was in bad shape Saturday morning so my sister called the ambulance to take her to the hospital, where they admitted her. her white cell count was extremely low. She needed 2 units of blood and had platlettes yesterday. She is doing much better, but until her white count comes up and she gets rid of the bacteria in her blood she can't come home. It was very interesting this weekend trying to take care of my dad and her. My sister went to the hospital and I stayed with my dad. he can't be left alone. My other sister came up and was with him on Saturday night through Sunday and my neice came up Sunday through today. I don't know what the next few days holds. I am off work next week and imagine that I will have to spend it helping my parents. Bummer. It was supposed to be my time to just veg at home.

I overspent this weekend. I thought I had like $249 in the bank and in actuality I only had $50 in the bank. I overspent by $25. Not too bad, but upsetting just the same. That is what I get for not being vigilant about checking my accounts. Sallie Mae hasn't taken out their payment yet so there is plenty of money in there right now and I have enough in my savings if i need to use my overdraft protection.

Spent all day yesterday in a seminar. I was kind of disappointed. I thought it would be more about financial reporting instead if the policies and procedures. Plus the workbook had a bunch of typos in it. That is something that just turns me off to something right away.

10 Responses to “Mom is in the hospital”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I hope your mother recovers quickly. Take care!

  2. laura Says:

    Prayers for a quick recovery for your mom!

  3. scrappytappy Says:

    Thinking about you and your mom! I hope she gets better quick!

  4. retire@50 Says:

    good luck with your mother

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    Hoping your mom is better soon!

  6. CB in the City Says:

    Sending good thoughts your mother's way. I know she's been so good to you; she must be a dear.

  7. Amber Says:

    I'm praying for your mother and the rest of your family. I understand, it is tough taking care of elderly parents. Check with your local Area Agency on Aging, you may be eligible for some assistant like respite care. Good luck

  8. littlegopher Says:

    Hope your mom gets better soon!

  9. Shiela Says:

    Take care.

  10. NJDebbie Says:

    Hope your mom gets better soon!

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