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SunTrust Caved on Debit Card Fee

November 9th, 2011 at 11:24 am

They didn't make it really public but they put an announcement on the website inside of online banking. If you didn't click on the messages you wouldn't have known they caved. I am so glad I didn't change banks now.

Have an appointment this afternoon to have the carpets cleaned at the rental property. Should be about $175. They are supposed to call me before they start to let me know for sure how much it would be.

Got two new tires yesterday and now the car is making a thumping noise, like I have a flat tire. I am taking it back to them this afternoon to find out what is making that noise.

I have to go help my mom this evening get her checking account straightened out. Since she is doing the chemo she isn't thinking clearly. She paid the violin/piano instructor twice for odd amounts and I want to make sure she hasn't done that with anyone else. I think I am going to suggest that if she wants to pay something that she has me set it up through bill pay. She can still keep her register and all that, but that way I can make sure that things aren't getting paid twice. My fear is that she is making mistakes paying people and isn't recording it all in the register. She would be just horrified if she was to bounce a check.

Then we are going to the grocery store. I have been putting it off since Friday. I don't know what is wrong with me. I usually enjoy going to the grocery store...I guess that comes from all the times that I couldn't afford to go to the grocery store.

Well that is it. Thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “SunTrust Caved on Debit Card Fee”

  1. Frügal Says:

    The tire is most likely encountering the noise due to one of three things:
    1) Lug nuts are not on evenly or could be loose.
    2) Needs alignment done - this is suggested every time you get new tires or wheels.
    3) Tires have bubbles/lumps in them.

    The latter is the least likely, as this usually happens with tires with more wear on them.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I think many of the banks decided to drop their debit card fees since there was public outrage regarding it.

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