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This and That

August 31st, 2011 at 08:59 am

I don't know what has gotten into me but I have been cleaning my house like a mad woman. I got the family room all cleaned and tackled my bedroom last night. They were both in bad shape because I have been so lazy lately. I must be in the hi side of my bi polar disorder. Hope I can keep it up. Tonight I plan on cleaning the dog corner. Pulling out his crate and sweeping under it. I hope I get home in time to do that. I am going to my mom's tonight to make sure she gets dinner ready. She has her chemo treatment today.

I sent the renters a message this morning that I can not cover the power bill this month and that I would need that money by the tenth. They said ok but we will see. I told them that the power would be cut off if I didn't have it. Maybe that will motivate them. They never answered me about paying 1/2 of the rent on the first and fifteenth.

Speaking of renters, I ran in the the wife at the pharmacy with her two girls. She proceeded to tell me that her DD1 has pnuemonia and they didn't know if they should put her in the hospital or not. I hate to be cold but what I heard is that rent will be late because of personal issues. They have really has a string of bad luck but I am out of patience with it. I am tired of their bad luck affecting my finances.

I managed to save a little bit of potential gas money next week. DD has a football game in Jackson County(she is a cheerleader). That is about 2 hours away. But my EX DH lives real close to that school. SO he is going to go so that someone is there should something happen and I don't have to make the drive. I still have to go to Rabun County which is further and East Hall which is a tad bit closer. She also wants to play soccer in the spring, which means more driving. I have always gone to all of DS away games ever since he broke his ankle at a game I wasn't at. So of course I have to go to DD's games too. I would hate for something to happen and no one be there.

Well I guess that is about it for now. Thanks for reading!

3 Responses to “This and That”

  1. jewels3 Says:

    You need to send them a statement with the amount of rent owed by such and such a date and time, and if you do not receive it you will start eviction proceedings. And then make sure you start eviction proceedings when you say you will if you have not received the rent. By permitting this to continue, they assume you are ok with it and that you will do nothing about it.

  2. laura(momcents) Says:

    Been there, done that -- chased rent down. My tenant has lived in my rental property going on four years - things were fine when her live-in boyfriend was there, but he's been gone 18 months. Last August we told her that she needed to pay 1/2 the rent on the every other week - its worked out well. Occasionally she will be $100 late, but we can always pick it up within two or three days. I was nice and understanding about this, until I realized that she was negatively impacting my cash flow in a major way. At that point I threatened a five-day notice to evict. She's been on time since then. The longer you go, the farther they will get behind. They can't afford to be living in your property at the rent they are to be paying. Late bills affect your credit and the lein will be against your property (at least in my town for sewer and water). Good luck!

  3. Joanne Says:

    It sounds like you have been doing alot of cleaning... That's good. your renters are unbelievable. If the electricity is in your name, and it gets shut off, will that affect your credit? {i'd think it would}. Is there a reason why it's not in their name? You have been really patient w/ them. they know that you are nice, and they are taking advantage. I hope that this gets resolved soon...Good luck.

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