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Looking okay for now

May 23rd, 2011 at 10:56 am

DH said that he is going to put $300 in my account tomorrow and just like that, my budget is looking pretty good through June. He will still owe me about $150 that I hope to get shortly. He also offered to pay the entire cell phone bill for a couple of months. That is almost $300 per month. I know huge bill...I got sucked into the data package thing on two phone lines. We have a total of 5 phones, and DH pays for 2 of them. As soon as my contract is up I am going to go back to a simple phone so I can reduce my monthly expense.

I haven't heard from that second job opportunity. I went up there Thursday because I thought I might have an interview(long story, but just know that the whole conversation with the lady was not clear so I got confused). She said she would call me on Friday to set up an interview on either Monday or Tuesday. I haven't heard from her. In the back of my mind I think she isn't going to call because I am so fat. When people look at fat people, they think they are lazy. That is a horrible sterotype. One of the articles I read said that it is harder to get a job the more overweight you are. Sad but true. So maybe I will hear from her maybe I won't.

My mom has an appointment tomorrow to get her radiation treatment started. It is just a precaution since they got all of the cancer out. I don't know if they will actually start it tomorrow of if she will just meet with the doctor. Will know more once she goes tomorrow.

My sister is getting all settled in. She is having my daughter help her unpack. Maybe she will actually unpack all of the boxes this time. Last place she lived the living room was full of unpacked boxes. And she lived there about 5 years. She went yesterday day and bought two new tv's since Dish Network wouldn't hook up just one tv at a time. But you can't get to where the tv is going to sit so I am not sure how she had that done. I am also not sure where she is getting all this money from. She is on disability and is living on a fixed income. Just hope she isn't overextending herself. She has never had good money management skills.

Thanks for reading...I know this entry kind of drug on.

2 Responses to “Looking okay for now”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I wish you good luck. Just remember that whatever your size, you are a good and worthwhile person. Hold your head high, and try to project self-confidence in the interview! You'll do fine Smile

  2. LittleMsMom Says:

    How much is your early termination fee? It might cost you less to pay the early termination fee and downsize to non-data phones plans than it does to finish out the contract.

    I switched from AT&T which just transitioned fom to Straight Talk. I save $20 a month, I also went online and got a refurbished phone from straight talk so I am really happy with my savings.

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