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Thrifty Weekend

May 16th, 2011 at 09:38 am

I had a very thrifty weekend. I drove my parents to Midlothian Virginia for my niece's graduation. It was a long drive, about 8 hours. But the good news is that almost all of my expenses were covered. Whenever we ate out, they paid. And they covered all of the gas expense and hotel expenses. I just had a few miscellaneous expenses that I had to cover.

My ex didn't give me any money this week. I talked to him yesterday and he has started yet another job. He is getting paid $15/hour for now and when they start a new house he will go up to $20/hour. Or so he says. Things never seem to be what he says they are. And then he gets upset when things don't work out. I am just looking for the money that he owes me, around $500 dollars.

My budget for this pay day is in desperate shape. The first of the month expenses for June are killing me. I need to be able to cover them. If ex doesn't give me enough money I will have to borrow from my parents for like 3 days...from the first to the third, which is my payday. I really wish that someone would call me about my application. I so need the extra income.

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