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Check in Mail

January 13th, 2011 at 03:28 pm

I finally went to check the mail today and found a check in the mail from my ex father in law for Christmas. I am not sure how he got my address since we moved, but I am not going to question it! I also received my rebate from Verizon...$50. So I grossed $100 today!

Bad news from the ex husband...he doesn't have any money for me. he hasn't been able to get to work this week. I hope he will get to work next week. I am good until the 21st. I finally started keeping a spreadsheet of the money he owes me and what he has paid me. He owes me $500 right now. Boy I could sure use that money now. But I am afraid that if I ask him to leave, I won't get the house rented and then I won't get anything. And this is the first month that he hasn't been able to pay the rent in full. Not sure what to do.

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