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Today's spending

June 22nd, 2010 at 07:02 am

I have spent $46.24 already this morning and it is only 10:00!! I filled up my gas tank for $41 and I got breakfast for 5.24. I have allotted for both in my budget. I set aside $250 every pay period(every other week) for gas and $150 for misc spending. I am almost to the end of my $150 and it is only 3 days into the two weeks. I went to the grocery store, which killed my spending money. I will make it though.

I have walked on the treadmill for the last two days. My plan was to watch tv while I walked, but unfortunately, the treadmill is a commercial treadmill with a huge console that my short self can't see over!! So I can listen to the tv, but I can't watch it! LOL! I am up to 20 minutes now. I took hamburger meat out for dinner to make manwich with. I will go home and make it then come back to ellijay to pick the kids up at 9:00. It is about a 25 minute drive, but there really isn't anything to do until 9! I am trying to change my schedule to work 12:30 - 8:30 on Tuesdays. That would really help alot!

I am thinking about getting a 2nd job at a grocery store or something. I am available Wed - Sun. It would be used strictly for debt payment. I could knock out my credit cards within 3 months! My only concern is that I plan on taking some college course in the fall and I am not sure how much time I would have. But I would rather be busy than like I am now, with too much time spent on the couch.

2 Responses to “Today's spending”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    Would the part time job at a grocery store yeild any discounts? That might make it worth it Smile

  2. north georgia gal Says:

    I don't think so...I worked at a grocery store in high school and there was no discount offered.

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