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Daughters BD

July 7th, 2009 at 08:31 am

Today is my daughters 12th birthday. We got her the Wii Fit. It is pretty cool. I might even use it!

Yesterday was an expensive day. I filled up the gas tank, $39. Got it at Walmart, which was .05 cheaper than anywhere else. I then got the Wii Fit and another game for $117. I had planned this in the budget, so it was not budget wrecking.

Each year, the birthday person gets to decide what they want for dinner. DD wants crab legs!!! We live no where near the ocean! The seafood places around here are only open Thur, Fri and Sat. We found one that the owner happens to be at for the next couple of hours so he will sell us something! Small Town Living! Now I just need to figure out how to cook them!

Financially, I am looking pretty good come the end of the month. I am cutting it close, but will have the mortgage caught back up by month end. That means making 2 mortgage payments this month due to the extra payday. The ot I am getting this month is helping too. DH hasn't been working so I definatly will not get any help the next couple of weeks. Good thing I don't count on it!

Need to get some stuff posted on EBAY but I don't know what to post! There is lots of stuff that we don't use, but I don't think it would sell. I have already taken a bunch of stuff to goodwill. I went through my daughters dresser and got 4 big bags of clothes. Was going to take it to goodwill, but do you think I could see it by the bag on ebay or craigs list? Everything is in good condition because she hardly wears anything once it is bought! I can always try.

3 Responses to “Daughters BD”

  1. kat Says:

    Perhaps you could try consignment shops. I live in the Northwest Georgia area and we have some really good ones here.

  2. joni Says:

    Do you think you could havea yardsale? Or have you had one? Maybe , stress that you have kids stuff? sorry that your Husband has not been working.Why is it that you don't count on him? Find that confusing... how can you do everything yourself? Are you thinking of a separation? Why won't he "help"? Sorry if that sounds insensitive, have you told him he must help? Hope things get better. You are too very nice.How do you deal with doing things yourself,but he lives there?

  3. ROXY1976 Says:

    I have been selling clothes my kids out grew and I'm making allot of money on stuff I never knew would sell. It is totally worth the try. It is very simple with the smart phone ebay app is the easy way to go. I used to do it all with camera and laptop before i got my galaxy three phone. Now I do it all by phone with the app. Good luck!

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