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Hump Day Update

June 3rd, 2009 at 07:34 am

As I stepped out of the shower this morning, the power went off. As I am on a well, this was perfect timing! I was very pleased that the forces of the local EMC had the decency to wait for a power failure until all soap and shampoo was rinsed off! LOL

I stopped and bought breakfast this morning...shame on me. I am out of cream cheese at the office for my bagel and gave in to temptation to get something quick instead of going to the store to get cream cheese! Bad Me!

My son and I went over his checking account yesterday. He forgot that I told him that some transactions don't always show up right away so you can't go by the balance in the account. He had two pay at the pump authorizations so I had to transfer $15 into his account to cover it. Turns out that there was only one charge and he was on top of how much was in his account. I can transfer the $15 back into my account now.

Still no progress on the upcoming expenses, but I am sure something will happen.

1 Responses to “Hump Day Update”

  1. joanie Says:

    It must be very difficult for you to worry about paying bills,etc. Not to hurt yr. feelings, but it seems as if yr. Husband does not have the same expectation of paying for things also., and being under the same pressure. Why is this? Why are you struggling under this alone? Have you told him he MUST pay his share, or aset amt. , or you will give an ultimatum?Are you afraid to do this? Sorry,do not want to sound unjind, but you deserve better.

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