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Back to Work and Back on Track

December 29th, 2008 at 08:26 am

Getting up was really hard this morning, but I managed to do it. I am back at work, already dreaming of Thursday, which is another holiday and trying to figure out how I can stretch it. Might try to take either Wednesday or Friday off too.

I also have looked at my budget! YIKES! I picked probably the worst time of the year to start living by a budget. But I can do this. I have to make some massive changes(I thought it would be okay, but looking again, I realized that it is worse than I thought). So I am essentially starting over again. I am not sure how I got this far out of whack. I paid attention to everything I bought. I closely stuck to my Christmas budget. I must have mis calculated something. Not whining, just saying,not things can get out of control even whenyou are paying attention! But I am back on track now!

I have a new saving goal.(I will update sidebar later) My sister gave us a trip to florida for Christmas. 6 nights. She paid for the hotel and the rental car. We have to come up with the rest of the money(food, gas, tickets to parks). I have 4 one day tickets to disney left from the last time we went about 6 years ago. So that will help. We are making a plan this time. We are figuring out which parks we really want to visit and working around that. We won't be spending money for tickets to parks that we don't care about seeing.

1 Responses to “Back to Work and Back on Track”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    What a great Christmas present! As far as the budget, you will get there. I think it takes a several months until you finally see the big picture. I have been tracking and budgeting carefully since October and am just now able to see the whole picture.

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