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I really love my job(no sarcasm intended)

December 18th, 2008 at 01:05 pm

Okay...I have been emotionally absent for a couple of days. I have been stressing about making it through the week. But tomorrow if Friday, payday and I managed to make it. But because of my spending sprees that last few days(at the grocery store of all places!) I have managed to throw my budget completely off whack, fixable, but off whack. I think that when I don't blog about my spending that I don't tend to keep it in check. So I am back...going to have to start being a regular again.

The good news is that I just have two more items(headphones) to buy for Christmas and then stocking stuffers for my children. At least that is what I think now...seems people keep popping up that I forgot about.

More good news...my boss told me that I am the best person he has ever had in the position I hold. YEAH!! That is quite a compliment coming from him, not that he is an ogre to work for, but he has high expectations. He is also taking me and the other office girl out to lunch tomorrow...since I handle the finances, I know there is no bonus involved, but perhaps a nice present(he doesnt have cheap taste either!)

Cheerleading is a short practice tonight due to the Christmas party. Another YEAH! Working on bookmarks for daughter to give her teachers. Really worked very well, just more time consuming that I thought they would be.

1 Responses to “I really love my job(no sarcasm intended)”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    It is so nice that you are appreciated! Enjoy your lunch out!

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