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Found Money...Sort Of

December 5th, 2008 at 07:51 am

I had to have a CT Scan done a couple of months ago, and since I hadn't met my deductible, I had to pay for it. I paid for 1/2 of it($100) and set up payments for the rest. I failed to set up the payment for November in my bill pay(I LOVE BILL PAY!!!) so I called today to explain what had happened and that I would send a double payment, for November and December. I asked her what the balance was and she said that I didn't have a balance, in fact, I had a credit. I was in shock. She looked at it and it turns out my insurance paid the whole thing!!! I have $100 credit! She is going to request that a check be cut and will call me next week when it is ready! So not only did I gain the $100, but I also gained the $60 that I had in my budget for the payment. Total is $160 "found money". Since I overlooked my husbands son(see previous posts), this will come in handy. I can un-adjust my budget and still stay in line! YEAH!!!

1 Responses to “Found Money...Sort Of”

  1. Koppur Says:

    Yay! Plus, you found whatever the cost would have been if they had stuck you with a late fee. Hope the CT scan came out OK.

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